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Ext GWT 1.2 最新发布

We are pleased to announce the release of Ext GWT 1.2. This release is packed full of new features and components. Ext GWT 1.2 is a recommended upgrade for all Ext GWT 1.1 users.
New Features
Although a minor release, Ext GWT introduces many exciting new features to help build your rich internet application. With this release, Ext GWT shortens the feature set gap between Ext JS.

Drag and Drop
Ext GWT 1.2 introduces a new Drag and Drop (DND) framework. It is now trivial to add DND support to your applications. Support is is added via the DragSource and DroptTarget classes with specialized subclasses for Grid, Trees, and Lists. The DND code exposes a rich event model to allow precise control of your DND operations.

Form Data Binding
With the new data binding framework, your model can be “bound” to forms and fields. The relationship is bi-directional with updates propagating in both directions. In addition, the data binding code supports editing via a store where multiple changes can queued and then committed and rejected in a single operation.

File Upload
Ext GWT 1.2 introduces a few new fields including the FileUploadField which allows files to be uploaded to the server via standard HTML form submissions.

Notable New Examples

Ext GWT 1.2 includes several new examples added to the demo applications.
Grid to Grid DND

This example demonstrates how model instances can be dragged between two grids. You can change whether data is appended or inserted by changing the value in the combo box.

Reordering Tree

In this example, both nodes and leafs can be reordered. In addition, both nodes and leafs can be dragged to a new parent.

Image Organizer

Drag and drop operations do not have to be between like components. The image organizer shows an example of dragging a picture from a list to a folder in a tree. In this example,the data is copied, not moved.

Grid Binding

Demonstrates an example of “binding” a model to a form based on the selection of a grid. In another example, the edits made to the grid are done via the store via records. Edits are cached and can be committed or rejected.


This new form field supports dragging and dropping items between two lists.


To download Ext GWT 1.2 please visit the Ext GWT download page. The release notes can be viewed here. Please visit our Examples Demo to see 1.2 in action and take a look at our roadmap to see what is planned for our next release.

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