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Ext Core 3.0 实例抢先预览


The Carousel example provides a widget for browsing a set of objects. It can be configured to meet any of your specific requirements - auto-play, animations, custom navigation dynamic content and more. View Example


The Lightbox example provides a widget used to overlay images on the current page. It's simple to set up by registering a CSS selector. When you register a group of images you can browse through them within the Lightbox. View Example


The Menu example provides a widget that converts an existing list of links on the page to either a horizontal or vertical menu. There are many ways in which you can configure the menu, including different types of animations, setting the active item, delays and listening to several useful events. View Example


The JSONP example shows how you can fetch JSON data from a different domain. It includes a class you can use to connect to any possible web service that supports the JSON format. In this example we use the Flickr API to fetch the latest photos for any keyword. View Example

Simple Tabs

The Simple Tabs example shows how you can create powerful navigation with only a few lines of code using Ext Core. By making smart use of event delegation, it is easy to add additional tabe or remove existing ones. View Example


The Combination example shows how you can combine several of the powerful widgets used in the other examples. It has a menu to navigate several categories of photos and uses the JSONP class to retrieve them from Flickr. It then puts them in a carousel. By clicking on an image inside the carousel you can see a bigger sized version of the photo in the Lightbox. View Example