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Sencah Touch英文书籍 《Sencha Ext JS 5 Bootcamp in a Book》

Sencha Ext JS 5 Bootcamp in a Book teaches you everything that you need to know in order to build a cross-browser, x-device compatible, next-generation web application using nothing but Javascript and good intentions. This book contains over 60 hands-on exercises that cover nearly every aspect of developing enterprise-grade web apps using Sencha's Ext JS 5 javascript framework.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introducing the Course
  2. Introducing Ext JS 5
    • Implementing the 3-tier architecture
    • Reviewing features and capabilities
    • Reviewing the Ext JS examples
    • Introducing MVC and MVVM
    • Introducing the Class System
    • Generating App Scaffolding with Sencha Cmd
    • Using the API Docs
    • Debugging and troubleshooting your app
    • Getting Help from the Sencha Network
  3. Defining Views
    • Deep-Diving into the Class System
    • Working with DOM Elements vs. Ext Components
    • Using the Component Hierarchy
    • Instantiating a Viewport
    • Using the Border Layout
    • Defining Panels
    • Defining Toolbars, Buttons, and Menus
    • Handling User Events with ViewControllers
    • Working with Tab Panels
    • Supporting the “back” button with Routes
    • Working with Windows
    • Implementing a Dashboard
  4. Reading Complex Data from an App Server
    • Understanding AJAX and REST
    • Implementing View Models and Data Binding
    • Implementing Roles-Based Security
    • Defining a Data Model
    • Defining a Proxy
    • Reading Multiple Records into a Data Store
    • Using Chained Stores
  5. Visualizing Tabular Data in Grids
    • Defining a Grid
    • Using Grid Widgets
    • Implementing Data Pagination
    • Defining Grouped Grids
    • Enhancing Grouped Grids
    • Editing Data in Grids
  6. Generating Markup from Data
    • Working with XTemplates
    • Looping Through Data
    • Implementing Conditional Processing
    • Executing Inline JavaScript
    • Binding Custom JavaScript Methods to XTemplates
    • Performing Basic Calculations in an XTemplate
    • Binding a Template to a Component
    • Using the DataView
  7. Visualizing Hierarchical Data in Trees
    • Introducing the TreeStore
    • Understanding the NodeInterface Class
    • Implementing a Tree Panel
    • Implementing a Tree Grid
    • Working with Heterogeneous Node Types
    • Using Trees as an Input Mechanism
  8. Visualizing Data in Charts
    • Instantiating a Chart
    • Configuring Chart Axes
    • Configuring Chart Labels
    • Configuring Chart Legends
    • Using Chart Interactions
    • Working with Bar Charts
    • Working with Line Charts
    • Working with Gauges
  9. Maintaining State
    • Configuring the State Provider
    • Saving the State of Components
    • Adding State Management to Non-Stateful Components
  10. Creating Data Entry Forms
    • Creating Data Entry Forms
    • Defining a Form
    • Configuring Form Fields
    • Using the Combo Box Field
    • Sizing Fields with the Anchor Layout
    • Sizing Fields with the Form Layout
    • Assigning Default Configuration Values
    • Grouping Fields
    • Validating Input Data
    • Formatting the Data Validation Error Messages
    • Submitting Data to the Server for Processing
    • Binding Grids to Forms
  11. Theming your App
  12. Going into Production
    • Documenting your App with JSDuck
    • Unit Testing with Jasmine and Siesta
    • Generating Testing and Production Builds
  13. Appendix A: Configuring your Development Environment
  14. Appendix B: Congressional Earmarks Lab
  15. Appendix C: Proposal Manager Lab