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ExtJS英文书籍《Beginning PHP RIA Using Extjs》

Beginning PHP RIA using ExtJS
Rich Internet applications (RIAs) combine the familiarity of desktop applications with the flexibility of web apps. While Flash and Java have traditionally been the leaders in this field, JavaScript is a strong contender, and it plays nicely with PHP. ExtJS is a JavaScript framework that allows developers, including PHP developers, to build responsive and intuitive RIA interfaces with the power of AJAX.

Beginning PHP RIA using ExtJS offers an introduction to building RIAs with ExtJS, geared specifically for PHP developers. Learn how to build familiar-looking interfaces, move data to the interface smoothly using PHP, and debug your RIA to eliminate user interface issues.

What you’ll learn
Create web applications with familiar interfaces and behavior
Learn how ExtJS works with PHP data structures

Automatically marshal data back and forth between PHP and your interface
Use ExtJS to create fluid, organized layouts for your application
Learn how to debug your RIA to eliminate user interface problems

Who this book is for
This book is for PHP developers who have had some exposure to JavaScript, but want to learn more about building rich Internet applications.