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ExtJS英文书籍《Beginning PHP RIA Using Extjs》

Beginning PHP RIA using ExtJS
Rich Internet applications (RIAs) combine the familiarity of desktop applications with the flexibility of we


第1章 JavaScript入门必备
1.1 JavaScript语言概述
1.1.1 JavaScript简介
1.1.2 JavaScript特点
1.1.3 JavaScript与Java
1.2 第一个JavaScript程序
1.2.1 嵌入JavaScript

ExtJS 6.2 EA版发布

非常开心,Sencha Ext JS 6.2早期访问版本今天发布了。早期访问版本的主要目的是为了让大家进行测试并评估Ext JS6.2的工作进度,这对于发布更好的Ext JS版本会有相当大的帮助。


  • 所有新的日历组件
  • 可以在Ext JS应用程序中以数可视化形式使用D3.js的D3适配器
  • 针对现代工具包的新的符合Material Design的主题
  • 针对现代工具包的Pivot Grid组件
  • 视区捏拉缩放和原生滚动的集成
  • 即可用于现代工具包,又可用于经典工具包的几个网格增强功能



让我们跟着Xero学习如何零成本使用的Ext JS开发的一个在线的,基于云的桌面和移动设备的支持与中小企业会计系统。

ExtJs英文书籍 《Ext JS in Action 2》

Ext JS in Action, Second Edition teaches Ext JS from the ground up. You'll start with a quick overview of the framework and then explore the core components by diving into complete examples, engaging illustrations, and crisp, straightforward explanations. You'll feel like you have an expert guide right at your elbow teaching you important Ext techniques and offering insight into its inner workings. Along the way, you'll learn the best practices for building and scaling full-featured web applications, including how to customize and build Ext widgets. Fully revised for Ext JS 4.0.